Sunday, October 08, 2006


Over the years that I have been living in Bangalore, I have
visited the lovely temple at Lepakshi, just across the border
in Andhra. However, it seems that relatively few people
seem to know about it. At lunch my friend Ramamurty
thought I was pullling his leg when I said that the way
to get there is drive north towards Hyderabad and hang
left when you see signs for Lepakshi, which is what I
remember it to have always been. Later, I thought I would
check it out on the internet and this is what I found
on this site :

``Lepakshi is a small historic town in southern Andhra Pradesh,
about 120 kms from Bangalore. On the way to Hyderabad from
Bangalore, you have to take a de-tour of about 16kms on the
left to reach Lepakshi. The entrance of the city has a huge Nandi
statue in a small park. From here if you walk about 200mts , you
reach an old temple, built in a typical medival era architecture.
It is Shiva temple with a huge Shivalinga coiled with Naga, in
the open space. The pillars are all well carved and the temple
has multiple shivalingas and pooja is still performed here. The
temple compound is also huge. The place gives the feeling that
the meditations have been performed there for centuries and you
can feel the power of the same.''

Yesterday I also passed on these directions to our friends
the Anil Kumar's who may visit this place the next weekend!

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