Monday, May 31, 2010

Coorg trip

It is astonishing how many things one can pack into a trip if one has transport at one's own beck and call. The road to Coorg goes past that oh so cute bird sanctury at Ranganathittu, which we visited many times earlier on the bypass around Mysore. We stopped by the `Golden Temple' of the Tibetan settlement on the day after Buddha Poornima and so there were big crowds and large celebrations. In and around Coorg the coffee estates that one passes are spectacularly beautiful. You can squeeze in a visit to Tala Cauvery and Bhagamandala for the religiously oriented, the fort and Raja Seat in the town of Coorg and the Omkareshwar temple that I saw from the outside. The Abbi (Abby? Abbey?) falls are pleasant too and on the way back you can stop by the Nisargadhama where the Cauvery makes islands and you can walk around in the bamboo parks. Don't miss it!

Incredible India vs. Suvarna Karnataka

During the road trip to Coorg I finally registered the full import of the slogan `Suvarna Karnataka' as the region was still green and lush in the plains and even more wonderful in the Hills. How true, I said to myself. But then I always felt that the new slogan `Incredible India' to be a bit laboured. But what do I know...

'Homestay' in Coorg

The only context in which I have known home in conjunction with something else is `Homecoming' as in game or Queen long years ago in Delaware, until this weekend when we went to Coorg for a vacation and were accomodated in `homestay' arrangement. I don't know what the rules of grammar are, but maybe it should be `homestaying'? In any case, this is now a very popular thing it seems. It is a great alternative to staying in a Hotel and we had a fabulous experience. Keep watching this space for more on our visit.