Friday, October 27, 2006

I am a guest writer...

Over at Nonoscience , my lecture on Fundamental Particles
and their Interactions is now hosted by Arunn Narasimhan ,
in his guest writers section. You will observe that Arunn is clearly no
mean expert on web-design! Check out how a simple article can look so

More seriously, I think Arunn's initiative is an excellent one. With all
these evolving technologies, the more information there is on the web
of a reliable nature, the better it is. I think his efforts are highly
commendable, and I hope that other readers of this humble blog and
his not so humble blog will contribute articles to his blog.


Arunn said...

Anant: Thanks for the article and the advertisement here.

Arunn is clearly no
mean expert on web-design!

hey, what do you mean by this now? Am I an "expert" or not...;)http://

One minor thing: Kindly remove the "#more-160" from the link under "my lecture"

Abi said...

Cool stuff, Anant! Way to go ...

I would also like to request you to post your 'Resonance' and 'Current Science' articles/columns here on your blog. A link their online URLs will do.

Arunn said...

Abi (and Anant): I thought Anant is going to allow me to use those articles at my continue with his "guest series"... ;)

If Anant does it publish them here, I would assume you will take the blame entirely and send me one of yours as a guest column at my blog...;)

Anant said...


I removed that part of the string, thanks.

I think my belaboured double negative
implies that you are a great blogger!
In any case, it is there for everyone
to see! Thanks for the comment.


Thanks for the comment. I will 'do the
needful and kindly oblige' as soon
as I can.

Anant said...


Thanks for your 2nd comment. The problem
with those articles is that they have
multiple authors and they are already
published and so I don't know how to
go about it. However, I will write
small pieces for your blog whenever
I can.

Arunn said...


(whew, so your double negative is actually in praise...good to hear that!)

Yes, I understand the multiple authorship issue; one reason I didn't borrow material from those articles of yours cite in the "further reading section" was that.

And that is why I usually request for "fresh" articles for the blog...(and scared Abi away...;)

But this "fresh" article can always borrow material from the author's earlier articles, wherever appropriate, citing them as references in the articles.

I would very much appreciate for you to keep contributing at my blog whenever you could. Thanks in advance.

Arunn said...

And for "great blogging etc.": Thanks for the praise. Ideally I want to break more of the presumed and cultivated inhibitions that keep scientists and the public, both young and old, away from each other. Blogging seems to be a new age sense in bridging this as there is an interactive comments section very much part of the blog concept...

And, as you say, more and more of good things should be on the web anyway, available for all of us.

However, I am not sure where all of this is going, but anything positive that invites more of us to do science is welcome...

I hope we don't prove the words of one great scientist of the past who warned (in a speech at the RRI, if I remember right), perhaps a bit too harshly "...(theoretical) science is a luxury for India..."

I am shaping the blog as I go along, learning from my mistakes...;)

Anant said...


Thanks for your comments. I am looking
forward to seeing responses to my 'guest
writing' on your blog. Also I am looking
forward to working with you. Thanks

Best regards, Anant