Monday, December 21, 2009

My article on Barack Obama's Nobel Prize

Here is the link to my article on Barack Obama's Nobel Prize published on the Lok Raj Sangathan web-site.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year end post

Seems a bit early already for the year end post. But this is because we are going to go away to Hyderabad for the mandatory vacation (how can it be a vacation if it is mandatory? Anyway...). This has been a very bad year for blogging; maybe the next one will be better. Life has been hectic as the Chairman since end of January. Started with a lot of work organizing the Strong Frontier workshop in PPISR. The remaining months have been a blur. Scientifically it has been good with many projects finishing. However, scientifically it has been a great year for the world with the LHC recording collisions, with the first hints of dark matter detection from CDMS experiment. There has also been a lot of reading that I have been doing on general science on BBC which is quite extraordinary. These include stories of plants in Malaysia (I think) which trap and eat science mice, discovery of many new species in India, Western ghats and Arunachal Pradesh. And one should not forget the discovery of water by the Chandrayaan project. Have a left anything out? Comments welcome.