Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My talks in Europe, November 2007

I am giving the links to the talks I gave in Europe this year. The first workshop I went to was called Workshop on Flavour Dynamics 07. organized by the Arnold Sommerfeld Center and my talk may be found here. The talk was on joint work with Saurabh Rindani on the use of polarized beams at the International Linear Collider. The workshop shop was that of the Annual Meeting of Flavianet called EuroFlavour 07, where I talked about my work on charm meson masses and my talk is here.

Where have I been?

So why has this humble blog fallen so silent. Well, it was a teaching semester, and today is the final exam. Then there were the 2 workshops in Albufeira and Orsay. I gave a talk at each. Although the first one was not initially scheduled, it was a lot of work getting ready for the talks. Then there was the work for the Meera trust. Now all this is in the past lightcone, and things should return to normaly (?) soon and so there may be more on this blog. Well, atleast until the end-December annual break when we go home to Hyderabad. So keep watching this space...

No kidding: Marriage: Eco-friendlier than divorce?

According to many reports, e.g., this one, marriage is ecologically friendlier than divorce. Is this a candidate for the Ignobel prize or what?! Imagine tomorrow in a family court, a man is being sued for divorce by the battered wife and the judge says, ``Hey guys, this is a bad idea. It is not good for the environment!''