Saturday, September 23, 2006

Breaking the blogger's block

Life in IISc is never simple. First I have the blogger's block;
then there is the IISc blogspot block, which does not let
me into my own blog! However, it does let me into blogger
and hence this.

I have been reading about lots of things, so I thought I
should update this little corner.

Firstly, via Peter Woit the author of Not Even Wrong,
the book and the blog, I read about the
new web-site set up by Yau where he links us to
a letter written by his counsel to those involved
in the article on the Perelman business. I was fairly
appalled by the way in which the article depicted
Yau, undoubtedly a great mathematician. I don't know
what legal recourse he has, but he should get back
his reputation!

I have also been awfully busy with the course on QM-III
that I am teaching. I find that teaching semesters I am
about to go crazy most of the time. Trying to balance
home, teaching and research is not easy, at least for
me! I am using the book by Ryder which is very good.
Finally I have got hold of the book by Lahiri and Pal
which seems to be very nice indeed. Maybe I will
post a review on amazon? Of course I have a huge
collection of advanced books, including Weinberg,
Sterman, Brown, Itzyson and Zuber and yes, 2 signed
copies of Peskin and Schroeder.

As always, I do write elsewhere, and in particular
wrote a tough article which is posted on the Lokrajsangathan

Our submission to Current Science has finally been
accepted and we were busy with the proofs and updating
the references. I will post a revised version on the
arxiv after the article appears in print.

I also try to keep reading the ILC newline
and the CERN bulletin to keep abreast of
developments in the subject.

I read a small news item about a supernova of
2 solar masses which, of course, violates the
Chandrasekhar limit. It is hard to understand
how such an animal could have come into being.
Perhaps I should see if it has anything to do
with 'strange' stars? Comments are welcome.

That is about it for now and blogging will
improve only after teaching is done.

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Arunn said...

Kindly read this post at my blog. The posts on Codinig theory at my blog were written by Prof. Anandaswarup in this "series".

Kindly let me know if you would be interested on writing something on particle physics and/or say, Chandrashekar's limit etc. It could simply be an edited version of your Resonance or Current Science articles or any of your lecture notes...

Sorry, I couldn't locate your email address, so this "invitation by comment". You could reply to ommachi AT gmail DOT com