Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Whipping up media frenzy

Normally I try not to react to the imbecile media world
over, but this time I cannot resist. While the rest of the
world watched in horror at the massacre in Lebanon,
a story was suddenly floated about the arrest of a suspect
in the sad story of JonBenet Ramsey. I told myself
that if it smells like a hoax, looks like a hoax, tastes like
a hoax, then it must be a hoax. Well, that is what it
has turned out to be. It was a magnificent diversion from
the atrocities perpetrated against Lebanon.

Then there is the sad story of the wild-life warrior,
Mr. Steve Irwin who was killed by a sting-ray barb.
Now everyone knows that if you mess around with
wild animals sooner or later there will be an accident.
While it is very sad for him and his family, one saw
the Prime Minister of Australia going on TV and treating
this man as a national hero. [In the old days national
heroes were those whose marched into the valley of death,
cannons to the right of them, cannons to the left of them
(never mind that the Charge of the Light Brigade
(not the electricity bill!) was in a battle of imperial conquest),
but now national heroes are those who prance around crocodiles,
head-butt foul mouthed opponents and hit a leather bound
sphere a few hundred yards. But I digress.] Of course I would
not go to the extent of Germaine Greer's picking on the same
man within hours of his passing, for he was after all harmless.

But all this is nothing compared to the insane joy over
Princess Kiko's delivering a baby boy. Why is the media
so interested in an oppressive, feudal, formerly genocidal
Royalty and its line of succession, which in itself is

In this mad world, the only true prophet that
is left is Mr. Joker of the Batman movies who says,
``what kind of a world is it where a man can dress up
as a bat...?''

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