Friday, July 28, 2006

Violence against women

The media is full of the awful story about the murder of
this young woman who worked at a call-centre in
Bangalore, by a colleague and perhaps one time friend.
The amazing thing is the casual manner in which this
horrific crime has been committed. One would wonder
what could have driven this man to do this; the chances
of not getting caught were nil. Of course one does not
know how well-connected he is, and our own experience
with the countless crimes shows that the well-heeled will
probably get away with it. It must have been the massive
ego of this guy which led him to do this, as the media says
that the poor woman was not interested in him, etc..
However, there is one thing that one cannot avoid here.
Why are women, irrespective of class always the victims
of such terrible violence in our society? I am sure the
media is to blame for making violence, especially against
women acceptable. I don't know of any other society
that has had to invent phrases such as 'eve-teasing',
'dowry-deaths', increasingly 'acid-attacks'. Have you
ever known a woman to have carried out an acid-attack
against a man?

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