Monday, July 03, 2006

A good day's work

I often wonder what could constitute a good day's work.
After all, one does not teach much. The typical load
is 1 every 2 semesters. I have been teaching this first
course of nuclear and particle physics. I always learn
something when I do it. It is an example of applying
quantum mechanics to 'real systems'. Good students
should think of it as an opportunity to apply what they
learn in their QM I and II. Here, it is not just working
with square wells and boxes. It is also a case where
one can actually use scattering theory very effectively.
But I digress. Today's work was a good day's work
because I finished two different small projects. The
first to be finished was to finish was my contribution
to the conference proceedings for the
Linear Collider Workshop
, where I gave a talk.
When we had some summer students here, we had
worked very hard learning about the latest neutrino
experiments. We had decided to submit to
Current Science a Research News article on the
latest MINOS conclusions and to review other
experiments. Today, with the assistance of
Uma Sankar who is now a co-author we finished
it and submitted it to Current Science. That is
what I think is a good day's work. More on these
subjects (publishing, publishing in Current Science
and Resonance) later.

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