Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Students going abroad for studies

One of my good students expressed his wish to apply abroad
for his Ph. D.. In other words, he wants to go after his M. S.
requirements are finished, although he could have stayed on
for his Ph. D.. While it is personally disappointing, since it
is so hard to find even half a good student, it is understandable
from his point of view. Even a mid-sized American University
would have a far larger faculty selection than we have and
the number of areas represented will be greater. There is also
the probably of picking and choosing from a huge variety of
experimental and observational programs each of which would
be desperate for good students. There is, of course, one more
thing. Any good student will notice that even if he or she wanted
to work in one of our 'better' research Institutes, it might be easier
to find such a position with a U. S. Ph. D. followed by a French
or German post-doc or two. So one has no choice but to wish
such students 'bon voyage'.

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