Monday, May 26, 2008

Seeing Switzerland with the Swiss Pass

This Swiss Pass is really quite wonderful. As of about two years ago, they have also added the privileges of museum pass on this. It works like a charm (well almost; at the Vivarium right here in scenic Lausanne they threw me out saying that they had never seen something like this before. Of course they should have checked, but I did not have enough French to argue with them.) I have managed to visit the Truemmelbach Falls one more time, which I done with Dorothy and Brian about 8 years ago. It was as memorable as before. The cork-screw falls there are spectacular. The Interlaken area was full of tourists from the motherland. Apparently they have been warned never to even look at other desis, or smile at them, in foreign lands as you never know who is going to charm you and then steal your travellers cheques, credit cards and tickets. Then with Hanspeter, Noriko and the kids, we did the nearly three hour river boat ride on the Aare on Saturday. The previous weekend we did the wine-walk in the vineyards near Geneva and a boat trip on Lac Leman. All in all quite wonderful. I have also been to the Hermitage about which I already wrote, the museum at Ripponne, the museum near the Cathedral, and the collection de l'art brut (a collection of art by non experts, those with psychological problems, etc.) which is most interesting. I also went to two museums in Biel, including the Neuhaus which as collection of works by Karl Walser. His brother Robert was poet. There is also a collection of nature art by a father and sons the Roberts. Very good. Keep watching this space for updates.

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