Monday, May 19, 2008

Requiem for Rajamamma

The dreaded sms came at 6 in the morning. Rajamamma is no more. Was it a surprise? I would say not. In the last years she has had so many complaints of health, including heart, knees, eyes, and medication for mood elevation. She was a part of our life for so long. It was a life of sacrifice for others. She gave a lot of love and got a lot of love. To some extent it would be hard for any of us to imagine what it must have been to become a widow at the age of about 20 (or was it more, or less?) and to live for another 65 with distant relatives and well-wishers. It cannot be easy to understand how it feels to be forsaken by circumstances. Only compliments can go to Periappa, Uma and Sridhar for taking such great care of her for so many years until the very last breath. Her quiet presence will be missed.

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