Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sarabjit and Afzal

I could not believe my eyes when I read these headlines: ``BJP offensive: If Sarabjit hangs, so should Afzal''. There is no connection between the two. The first is a case of (espionage) in a Foreign Country by an Indian citizen. The second case is about an Indian citizen in the Indian judicial system, for a case against Indian people in India (the issue of involvement of a foreign power is not relevant to the juridical aspects of the case). So, it seems that BJP is again trying to rake up a religious angle to a juridical matter.

Update: Thanks to Anonymous, I stand corrected, having got my facts mixed up. It is not espionage but a terrorism case in the case of Sarabjit Singh. I am not debating the facts of the case. Anon. may be right on both counts, about trumped up charges against Sarabjit Singh, and about the Afzal case also. I am debating something else. See my response to comment.


Anonymous said...

You are right dont believe your eyes and dont believe your brains either cause you it is evident that you dont know the facts. Sarabjit Singh is not wanted in an espionage case but a bomb blast case in Pakistan where 14 people dies and Afzal Guru has been sentenced for the attack on Parliament both are related to terrorism the only difference is Sarabjit although framed on false charges is beng hanged and Afzal Guru although proven guilty and given the death penalty is being protected by the Congress and UPA government now my fried make a call who is taking a religious angle BJP or Congress

Anant said...

Anonymouse: thanks for correcting me. I had got mixed up with the Kashmir Singh case facts. However, I am sad to see that you have chosen to remain anonymous as most of you cowardly custards choose to. Secondly you are missing my main point which is that why mix up the Afzal case with Sarbjit case. As pointed out in my original post, one is in a foreign land. Why don't you spend some time trying to get Sarabjit out instead of using unparliamentary language on blogs such as this, if you genuinely believe that he has been falsely implicated. You will note that I have taken no stand at all on either case, as I do not know the facts (as you have pointed out). The issue is why should the Indian Government's actions be decided by what goes on in another country? You may even be correct about what the UPA Government is doing. Does not change my point that these two issues should not and need not be linked. Do we not have confidence in ourselves that we cannot take decisions without reference to what goes on elsewhere? If you continue to use unparliamentary language and do not debate within norms, I will shut off the comments.