Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reviving my blogging

I just noticed that my last post had been in early December, 2007. The post previous to that was entitled `Where have I been?'. There I seem to have offered excuses that I was not blogging as it was a teaching semester. Well, the teaching ended in November and I have not blogged since then. So that cannot be the reason. So here is one more try to start blogging again on a regular basis. Much of it may be simply interesting, corny links to stories here and there. With Nanopolitan dominating the blogging horizon, there is very little to add. Fortunately for me, unlike the host of Nanopolitan, I can afford to be flippant and give links to unconventional stories. Does it mean that I have not been writing at all? I have been writing a little for Lok Raj Sangathan. I also received a mail from Arunn Narasimhan that Nonoscience which disappeared temporarily from netlandia altogether has been restored, but he has become a different kind of blogger. I have not visited this new blog very much. On the science scene, I still get a lot of information from `Not even wrong'. I do not take sides on the issue, having no competence, but I find it a very important source of information. Since the last post, on the scientific front, we finished a piece of work on constraining the electromagnetic formfactor of the pion using information from so called `spacelike' data. It used some old techniques developed by Virendra Singh and Ashok Raina, but we modernized it suitably. I gave a colloquium here right here in scenic IISc Physics dept.. I later gave the same talk at Jamia Millia Islamia University's new Centre for Theoretical Physics, and a talk on polarization at the International Linear Collider at Delhi University, and a general talk at St. Stephen's. One uppity kid told me that I should have given a more advanced talk, but my friends Lishi and Keshav told me that there were some in the audience who would not have been able to keep up with an advanced talk. So, here again, is my new promise to keep blogging. Let us see if I do atleast one a week.

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