Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My recent popular (?) science writing

Here I am giving links to three articles that I wrote with summer students and my former student Shivaraj who has now gone off to Minnesota. The first two were written with students coming to me from the Institutes `Young Science Fellowship Programme' [the syntax does not really make sense; anyway that is what it is called] and these are Keshav Choudhary, Lishbanya Mohapatra, Indrajeet Patil and Avinash Rustagi. The third one is with a student, Kshitij Garg, who came to me through the KVPY programme.

The first article is on the observation of exotic baryons at Fermilab and has been published in Current Science here.

The second article is on oscillation phenomena in heavy-meson systems and has been published in Current Science here.

The third article is on quantum entanglement phenomena in B-meson system. This has been accepted for publication in Current Science.

I will direct the readers of this humble blog to the articles themselves and they are meant for such a readership.

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