Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deccan Herald article on Nuclear Deal

I must confess that I have not been following the nuclear deal very closely. Of course one has the gut feeling that there is something really rotten about it. In fact, there is very little that one can read about what it is in any way a good thing. I may link to other articles in the upcoming days. However, here is a very striking article from today's Deccan Herald. Here is a quote.

Equally, for the UPA government, especially for the Congress party, there is bound to be sensitivity in identifying with a US administration that is about to go on yet another crusade against a Muslim country. For completely different reasons, therefore, the Manmohan Singh government and the Bush administration have unspeakable concerns in ensuring that somehow the nuclear deal is wrapped up before the dogs of war are let loose in West Asia.

Of course being a Muslim or otherwise has nothing to do with opposing the activities of the US in the region.

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