Friday, May 11, 2007

International Linear Collider in the New Yorker

Here is a link to an article entitled Crash Course, which mainly deals with the status of elementary particle physics and the upcoming LHC experiments. Of the many things I liked in this article is the following:

``Meanwhile, physicists are already lobbying for the next generation of machines. The plan for the International Linear Collider, which, as its name suggests, would be built in a straight line rather than a ring, calls for smashing electrons and positrons together at the midpoint of a tunnel twenty miles long. According to the Web site that has been set up for the I.L.C., the hypothetical collider’s design would allow for “an upgrade” to a thirty-mile-long machine “during the second stage of the project.” ''

I am happy to say that along, almost entirely with Saurabh Rindani I have already spent a good deal of time working on ways of looking for new physics at this facility

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