Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some of my all time favourite quotes

Here are two of my all time favourite quotes:

``There is a strong tradition in theoretical physics, which by no
affected everyone but certainly affected me, that the strong
are too complicated for the human mind.'' (attributed to
Steven Weinberg,
for which I have never been able to find the original

``The earth is degenerating fast. Bribery and corruption abound.
Children no longer mind parents and it is evident the end of the
world is
approaching fast.'' (Assyrian Tablet, 2800 B. C., which
I first found in an email from Sreerup Raychaudhuri, and
later confirmed by google search).

Update: I wrote to Sreerup about this and in his reply, among
other things, he says:

``Incidentally, there is another Weinberg quote "We do not really understand
the Higgs sector", which nicely complements the one you have. I'm not
asking you to put it up, but it's just for your delectation.''

I must confess that I had to look up ``delectation'' on my favourite
online dictionary.
The answer it gives is

  1. Delight.
  2. Enjoyment; pleasure.

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Rahul said...

Here are some more:

For those who love to bash supersymmetry here is one from the Nobel Laureate Burton Richter

"To the experimenters I would say that supersymmetry is a pure "social construct" with no supporting evidence despite many years of effort. It is ok to continue looking for supersymmetry as long as it doesn't interfere with real work (top, Higg, neutrinos, etc.)"

Surprisingly, Richter is more favorably disposed towards Superstring theory despite the fact that there would be no superstring theory without supersymmetry. He says " String/brane theory is in a very different situation. It represents an attempt to being together gravity and quantum mechanics, a problem worth serious effort."

And now for those of you gleefully rubbing your hands at this SUSY bashing, note this from the same man

"Some redundancy in neutrino experiments is useful: too much is wasteful"

Are we talking of something familiar here?