Monday, September 26, 2011

I am quoted by Mail Today

Yes, it is true. I was contacted by Dinesh Sharma from Mail Today Delhi on Saturday to ask me about my views on the OPERA experiments `superluminal' neutrinos. The first I heard about this was from my old friend M. P. Srikanth on Friday morning who called agitatedly to ask if the heavens had fallen. He read about it on BBC News. I followed it up on many other sites and blogs and was able to talk to the Mail Today reporter, although in reality I am not an experimentalist and cannot really vouch for this. But the general drift seems to be that a lot more scrutiny must go into this. Also, coincidentally the main person Antonio Ereditato is from the Albert Einstein Centre for Fundamental Physics, University of Bern where I was a post-doc 1995-96 and to which I am a frequent visitor, including this year for about four weeks. In any case, check out page 18 on the 25th September issue of Mail Today at the following link.
I am quoted in the following:
B. Ananthanarayan, chairman of the Centre for High Energy
Physics at the Indian Institute ofScience, too echoed similar views. “Historically, neutrino experiments have been notoriously difficultto conduct because it is a fundamentally complex science. Therefore, scepticism is natural,” he said. “My feeling is that they have underestimated the errors.


srikanth manchikanti said...

So it is business as usual, or must I say research as usual?

Anant said...

There will be a long period of scrutiny of the OPERA result. I think other neutrino experiments also will now try and measure the time of flight and see what they get.

Revathi said...

Hi Ananth,

As usual, your way of putting things is as charming as ever even when you disagree with someone.