Monday, October 04, 2010

Robert Edwards -- Nobel Laureate

Great to read about this year's Nobel Prize in physiology, for the in-vitro pioneer Robert Edwards. I really like it when these prizes have gone to those who have made life better for many. Someday I hope that the pioneer of the Jaipur foot will also get a Nobel prize. If not for physiology, for peace!


srinidhi said...

That would be wonderful!
I got curious about the inventor and this is what I saw at

"The idea of making Jaipur foot was first conceived by Mr. Ram Chander Sharma (Masterjee) who designed and developed the foot and the limb.

The Jaipur Foot was developed in 1968. The thesis submitted in 1971.

...The BMVSS is working under the leadership & guidance of Mr. D. R. Mehta and because of his Managerial background this research work could be organized.
....Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) (Indian equivalent of the NASA of USA), the most prominent Scientific Institution of India, dealing with space research and products has signed an agreement with BMVSS for the development of polyurethane foot (instead of vulcanized rubber). Already field trials, mechanical and laboratory tests are under way and the results up till now are quite encouraging."

Anant said...

@ Srinidhi: Thanks a lot for the comment.