Sunday, April 25, 2010

More travel notes from the North-East

After Kolkata, the North-East weathered the storm of two talks by yours truly, in Shillong and in Guwahati on Particle Physics in the era of the LHC. Speaking of storms, Meghalaya of course lived up to its name with lovely showers on the way and of terrific climate. I heard on the news that the country was in the grip of a heat-wave, which skirted around Shillong. Guwahati was having unseasonable heavy rain. Strongly recommend these wonderful areas for all who want to travel. I am not alone in these sentiments. There was a group of 4 IITM Professors, including my old teacher Prof. Krishniah who were there with their families on LTC.


gaddeswarup said...

Would like to know more if you have time. I lived in Shillong for a while in the seventies.

gaddeswarup said...

My hahoo mail account is compromised. Please ignore any messages from there.