Friday, January 15, 2010

Luckless Haiti

If there is a luckless country in the world, it must be Haiti.

Fortunately, through Facebook we were able to contact our old friend Dominique Toublan whose wife Farah is from Haiti, and checked that almost all their friends and relatives are alright. One aunt was still unaccounted for.


Rahul Basu said...

I hope you realise that Haitians don't take too kindly to their country being termed luckless, or more felicitously, benighted. Nor would most people appreciate such descriptions about their own countries.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

While Haiti has had its share of problems and disasters, what about Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, North Korea and many others? I don't think bad luck is so heavily concentrated in one country.

Of course, America's televangelists always have an explanation.

Anant said...

Rahul B: thank you for the comment. I guess I should have been more circumspect in the title of the post. But I hope the sentiment is not lost.

Rahul S: thank you for the comment. One can hardly disagree with it. Thanks also for the link to Pat Roberson's explanation. I guess it takes all sorts to make the world.