Saturday, June 28, 2008

Searching for T. P. Kailasam's White House

One of the pull-out sections of yesterday's Hindu had a article on searching for T. P. Kailsam's White House. Actually this is something of a misnomer, because he probably never lived there. It was the house of T. Paramasivam Iyer, Kailsam's father, from who he was estranged. Kailasam had a sister Padma, who was my father's mother, and had expired when Appa was a few months old. As a result even my father and his brother did not have any acquaintance with this celebrated writer. I guess my grandfather had some contact, but very little is known. One of Appa's cousin's, a niece of Kaisalam, who is over 80 years of age lives in Malleshwaram and is a painter. Apart from her, we do not know any other relatives. Unfortunately none of us know Kannada in which our distinguished relative wrote so much. Maybe some day...


Anonymous said...

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Shivanand Kanavi said...

Dear Anant,
I have not had the good fortune of seeing Kailasam alive and in action, however my childhood is full of enjoying TPK's plays (reading of course). His Poli Kitti (Naughty Kitti), Bandwal illada badai (Pauper's boast) etc were highly enjoyable. They mixed humour with social satire. He used to be called Kannada's Bernard Shaw. He is another shining example of a non-Kannadiga who made seminal contributions to Kannada literature. Others include Girish Karnad, Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, D R Bendre, Gaurish Kaikini and so on. He also introduced Kan-glish which one hears so often on TV channels now a days. A joke running in those days was before Kailasam could be translated into English he should be first translated into Kannada!

Anonymous said...

If you read the books by Dr. M. Sivaram (RaaShi) and K.V.Iyer about Kailasam, they mention going to the White House (near Minto Eye Hospital) to meet with him. So Kailasam did live there, but it is not clear during what period, and for how long.

Sunil said...

HI , whats yur email address.My great great grandfather Sir T Sadasiva Iyer was the Brother of Justice T Paramasiva Iyer who was TP Kailasams father. We have created a large network on a geneealogy site called where all family members are joining in. Please send me your email address to so that I can invite you to add your family me members to the existing tree. If you are interested that is

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Please do learn Kannada and try to read TPK. I challenge you that you can't find such a thing in entire world... And thank you for sharing the bit.

Ramesh T said...

Dear Mr.Ananth and the others from Mr.TPK's lineage,
I am a great fan of the Late.Mr. TPK, also known as the grand sire of Kannada Prose and drama. I, along with some of my friends have been collecting quite a bit of information about the evolution (and destruction) of Bangalore and intend to do our bit to spread awareness about the heritage of this wonderful city. As part of this endeavour, we have been walking through all the lanes of the old areas of Bangalore and trying to collect as much information so that it can help with the content.
Just 2 days back we were walking the lanes of Chamarajpet - where Mr.TPK lived - and were trying to locate his father's house - The White House. I had read sometime back that it was converted to a hotel by the name Madhuvan. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate that either. Would you be able to share the photos of that mansion if any? Any help in this regard will be welcome.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Anant said...

Unfortunately I have no idea about any of these things, as we have no contact with of the relatives of the late Shri Kailasam.

Vish Gatt said...

Ramesh, I can take you to Hotel Madhuvan, it is near Kannada Sahitya Parishat, I went Madhuvan many time to touch the wall thinking perhaps TPK might have touched it, I have circled Madhvan many times, it is a strange feeling. Hope Kanadigas do something to restore belongings of TPK.