Saturday, April 12, 2008

Media watch: Article on `Sleeping with the enemy' in The Hindu

Well, ladies and gentlemen: have a look at the Metro Plus pullout section (Bangalore edition) in The Hindu of April 12, 2008. See the article entitled `Sleeping with the enemy?'. The byline reads `Can spouses have murderous instincts? Here's what relationship experts have to say'. It is about generally the man losing his temper and killing the wife in a fit of rage. All very well. But don't miss the picture. It shows a supine man with his head on the lap of what is obviously the wife. The wife wears a full sleeved shirt and covers her hail with a scarf. Now, the average readership of this newspaper live in very hot climates. So what is the woman doing wearing a full sleeved shirt and a scarf? Is there a suggestion here? Jokes apart, the obvious Islamophobia is reprehensible. Which media watchdog is going to call the bluff of the thinking Indian's newspaper?

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gaddeswarup said...

It is on April 10 and and let us hope that it is a scarf to protect against cold wind.