Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No kidding: Marriage: Eco-friendlier than divorce?

According to many reports, e.g., this one, marriage is ecologically friendlier than divorce. Is this a candidate for the Ignobel prize or what?! Imagine tomorrow in a family court, a man is being sued for divorce by the battered wife and the judge says, ``Hey guys, this is a bad idea. It is not good for the environment!''

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revathi said...

It seems that marriage is indeed more eco friendly than divorce.
In France, the population is not increasing at the same rate as the number of houses and apts being constructed. So this implies that less and less people require more and more room meaning more electricity to heat and greater number of cars.
One would think that divorce would lead to decrease in population (innocently), however, divorced people tend to have more children than married people since they need a child to cement each marriage.
Taking the argument further, joint families are more eco friendly than nuclear families, unfortunately, there is only that much we can do for the planet..