Monday, December 11, 2006

Captain Mulla

As a kid, I had been in the NCC and had heard the story of
the sinking of the INS Khukri. An officer had told us briefly
about Captian M. N. Mulla who went down with the
ship. I had never heard of him since, and today's Hindu
carried a story on the 35th anniversary of its sinking and
how this hero went down with his ship. Very touching.

I often wonder about how about country treats its armed
forces. Indeed, it is kept in an unpleasant situation of keeping
the union through the AFSP Act., etc., which are all laws
passed by civilian Governments. Yet, so little is really known
about its activities, its heroes, etc.. I have often wondered
why it took the BJP Government (and not so many earlier
ones) to promote Arjan Singh to Marshal of the Air Force.
Comments are welcome on this subject.


Mahesh said...


There's a great website; a labour of respect, a tribute to the brave men and women of our armed forces, Check it out some time.

Anant said...


Thanks. I was not talking about the official web-site; I am interested in knowing about what is known in the public mind and consciousness of the type raised in the post.